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By Lennox Boyd, Dec 22 2014 10:14AM

Not as if the internet needs any more blogs but Ive decide to share some of my ramblings , gripes, ideas to the outside world via my blog.

I wanted to touch first of all on an area I find of particular interest - building energy conservation. As a Certifier of Design (Section 6) with the ability to issue EPC's for New Builds it is fascinating to see the changes / trends occuring in our industry.

In the past greater emphasis was given to stuffing increasing amount of insulation in between the building envelope and lowering u values- this is no longer the "be all and end all" and thankfully with the introduction of SAP calculations - in particular the 2009 variant - gave much more flexibility to designers and architects.

The advent of new building standards in October 2015 will lower the bar further, with further reductions in the carbon footprint of new housing. We are edging ever closer to Passive haus standards - which is a good thing . The difficulty will be dragging the building industry in particular small builders (of which there are many in Highland) to this conclusion. It will be a slow and painful process.

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