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At Highland Architecture we sometimes get inquiries about Loft Conversions.


We get questions like:


How much does a Loft Conversion Cost?

Is my Loft suitable for conversion?

Do I need Planning Permission

Will I need a Building Warrant?

Should I go for Velux windows or a Dormer?

These are good questions and ones you will definitely want to know the answer before committing yourself to a Loft Conversion.


Loft conversions can be quite tricky and maybe are not as always straightforward as you might imagine, there are lots of different roof types, some have been constructed with a future loft conversion in mind others have not and will generally require a fair amount of structural modification.


Whilst some loft conversions may be exempt from Planning Permission every Loft Conversion will require a building Warrant, which means that it needs to meet current building regulations.


Having said that, they can be a very cost-effective way to gain more space in your home, they can also be an opportunity to build in some character and interesting spaces.


For the complete lowdown on Loft Conversions click the link below.




Now you know all about Loft Conversions



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